PEF Funded Projects – 2010 and Earlier

$10,000 from the Peekskill Education Foundation (PEF) for the purchase of risers for the auditorium at the Peekskill Middle School. 2010.


District-Wide Library Book Awards – donated $500 to each of the School District’s seven schools for the purchase of library books. June 2004 $3,500

Woodside Tree Trail Map Project –awarded to Carolyn Mahoney to teach 3rd grade students science, language arts, map reading, ecology and community awareness skills by identifying trees in Depew park and creating a tree trail guide and map for use by the public. May 2004 $1,000

Peekskill Middle School Parent-Child Book Club – awarded to Nina Levine, Librarian, to purchase books for students and their parents to encourage a love of reading through parental participation. March 2004 $1,600

Curtis Family Band Scholarship & Lacrosse Award – grant provided for two $400 music scholarships; $600 for the Peekskill High School Band; and $300 for the Varsity Lacrosse team on behalf of the Curtis family in memory of Jack Curtis and as part of “The Jack Curtis Memorial Scholarship Fund.” June 2004 $1,700

Uriah Hill Artist-in-Residence Program—for pre-school students. March 2005 $2,000

PHS Terrestrial Ecosystem Study Program —awarded to Ed Benvenga, at Peekskill High School to cover travel expenses for 20 special education students to study and experience three local ecosystems (Mount Spitzenburg, Lake Mitchell and the Delaware River. March 2005 $1,000
PHS Reading & Beading Literacy Program —awarded to Jean Spooner, at Peekskill High School to cover materials used in a program designed to improve literacy, reading, and comprehension skills through the simultaneous process of “beading” and reading. March 2005 $1,000

Woodside World Drumming & Percussion Instrument Program – awarded to Andrea Moffett to purchase African drums and percussion equipment, April 2005 $1,000

Hillcrest DVD Support Library – awarded to Glen DeMuro to purchase subject matter DVDs and a TV/DVD player for Support Teachers at Hillcrest Elementary School. September 2005 $800

Hillcrest Math Project – awarded to Lucy Lepore School, to purchase 30 high functioning calculators to enhance math learning. October 2005 $500

Monet’s Garden Project at Oakside School —awarded to Karen Wallis to plant “Monet’s Garden” for use as a junior botanical residence garden to teach science and art to 1st and 2nd grade students. Funds used for plants and plant supplies, gardening tools, books and art supplies. May 2006 $1,000
Woodside School Store Project —was awarded to Michele Laura to teach students all aspects of how to design, create and manage a school store. The store will sell school supplies to students in Woodside School. Grant funds used to purchase: spreadsheet and presentation software; school type supplies to sell in the store; and art related supplies for use in decorating and marketing the store. May 2006 $1,000

Reading & Beading Literacy Program (PHS 2nd round) —awarded to Jean Spooner, at Peekskill High School to cover materials used in a program designed to improve literacy, reading, and comprehension skills through the simultaneous process of “beading” and reading. May 2006 $1,000

Art Expo & Dinosaur Museum at Uriah Hill —awarded to Sharon Skinner for a variety of art projects with her Pre-K students related to their study of dinosaurs and other animals. Grant funds used for books and art supplies related to the project. May 2006 $850

Music Department Award in honor of Thom Piliouras – to be used for musical instruments and equipment in each of the schools. November 2006 $3,000

Science & Technology Equipment Grant for Peekskill High School – in association with Wheelabrator LLP, to purchase laptops, mobile computer carts with wireless capabilities, and scientific probes and cameras for the high school science labs. January 2007 $30,000

CSI Project at Hillcrest School —awarded to Jamie Swinton to purchase equipment and materials needed to run a CSI studies program. Funds used to: 2 400x Microscopes and a microscope case; a Teaching Compound Microscope; a digital camera plus memory card; a micro explorer; and a slide kit, to include Human Tissue Slides, Well slides, and microscope cover glass. January 2007 $1,000

Grow Lab & Gardening Project at Woodside School —awarded to Rita Gurkin to teach 3rd grade students science and math skills by studying plant growth and vermicomposting. Grant funds used to purchase: a Grow Lab Hi-Power Tower; a Worm Lab Package; a Deluxe seed starting kit; books/manuals such as the Growing Classroom Resource Guide, Beyond the Bean Seed, Hollyhocks & Honeybees, Dig Plant Grow, Garden Fun, and Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots; a set of Posters; and children’s gardening journals. January 2007 $991

It’s A Small World Heritage Project at Oakside School —awarded to Martha Taylor to use grant funds with the 2nd Grade Dual Language program to conduct school-wide surveys to determine the heritage of students at Oakside, along with more in-depth research on each of the represented countries. Grant funds used for books about the identified countries and world maps and flags. January 2007 $800
Zoo Animal Creation & Art Exhibit Project at Uriah Hill —awarded to Dilenia Martinez to purchase art supplies and hire a local artist to create a “hands-on” interactive zoo. January 2007 $800

I’m An Expert Project at Oakside School —awarded to Therese Wood, ESL Teacher, to increase the reading fluency and skills of 2nd Grade English Language learners at Oakside by having the students become “experts” by reading a number of books on a particular topic. Grant funds used for the purchase of books and journals. January 2007 $600

Peekskill Drama Club – to support the purchase of costumes associated with the production of the Sound of Music. April 2008 $1,000

Around The World in 90 Days (Oakside) – awarded to Therese Wood to teach students about the different ethnic groups and cultures found at Oakside. Funds used to purchase books, maps, videos and food for cooking June 2008 $760

Stringed Instrument Awards Grant – for the Music Department’s new Strings and Instrument Upgrade/Replacement programs. June 2008 $5,000

EduGames Interactive Classroom Project at Hillcrest School —awarded to Eileen Alvarez to purchase a 16-pack EduGame software system, with licenses for math and science, to improve math and science performance for 6th grade students. September 2008 $1,000

Student Teamwork Building at Peekskill Middle School —awarded to Vincent Wallace, Social Studies Teacher, to purchase four pieces (4) of equipment for use in a team-building program. September 2008 $432

Family Healthy Eating Dinner Night at Oakside School — awarded to a team of teachers at Oakside School, Christine Hirsch, Dawn Hoagland, Donna Marzella, and Shanti Urreta. to cover the costs of catering a healthy dinner for students and their parents of Oakside School in order to introduce them to, and educate them about, healthier eating habits. September 2008 $750

Let’s Globalize with ePals Project at Peekskill Middle School —awarded to Jan Alicea/June Campolong, World Language Teachers, to purchase items to assist their students to become ePals with students in other parts of the world. September 2008 $403

Professional Development Literature Project at Peekskill Middle School —awarded to Margie Daniels, Assistant Principal, to purchase copies of three different books (Odd Girl Out, The Trouble With Black Boys, and Learning By Heart) to be used as part of a literature circle to promote professional development among staff. September 2008 $585

Clay Animation Project at Woodside School —awarded to Janice Reid, Manager of Educational Technology, and Mary Foster, Principal, to purchase clay animation software to teach 3rd and 4th grade students how to create projects using animation software. September 2008 $990

Mass Media Videoconferencing Project at Peekskill High School —awarded to Judy Kaplan, Library Media Specialist, to fund four (4) videoconferences on television’s and the ‘60’s influence on society. September 2008 $500

All About My Culture Project at Uriah Hill Elementary School —awarded to Dilenia Martinez, Pre-K Teacher, to purchase materials, CDs, instruments, etc, to allow children to create multicultural projects at home and school. September 2008 $754

Classroom Libraries —with the assistance of a grant from Entergy, funds were provided to PCSD to purchase books to create and expand classroom libraries in grades 4-12

Woodside Drama Project – awarded to Marisa Anzovino and Melissa Fidanza to rent wireless microphones and ancillary equipment to put on the production of a play. June 2009 $450


Other Grants benefitting PCSD (but not granted directly to PCSD)
IBM Computer Equipment Donations – working with contributions from local IBM employees helped the district to acquire desktop and laptop computers and software through an IBM matching program. 2007 & 2008/09 $18,000 estimated value
Rebel Baroque Orchestra: held music appreciation and education/performance workshops at Paramount Theater and PHS music department. 2006 $1,600 (paid to Rebel)
Clearwater Environmental/ Science Sail – for approximately 200 Peekskill Middle School 8th grade students to learn about the Hudson River ecosystem. Fall 2009 $2,500 (to Clearwater)